Ruined​.​.​.​and Going Downhill

by Kroakers

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    Here's the deal - artists/fans alike, these can be d/l as-is (obviously most songs are incomplete in some way; Black Beauty and BB Pt II, Molten Nerves, Centrifuge, and Hot Caballo are fairly final, but the rest have been replaced with partial mixes due to latest promotion; these can be replaced with the full pre-existing mixes if you just wanna d/l or buy the record as you would any other, but otherwise:) if you're an artist, I can send you orig. trax for re-mixes, chop/skrew/sample, whatever (you must email for permission, tho, just like w/any artist, only there's no red tape, you've only got me to talk to).

    On all trax, I have bass/drums (and some are designed to be instrumental, others do have lyrix/vox associated), but due to choice shown in track #1, I'm purposely withholding completed mix for those who wish to 1) have a custom mix, 2) add custom phrases (kinda like buying those custom, personalised, and/or 'extreme' t-shirts), sayings, anthems, slogans, etc. etc--so remember, nothing is too extreme; whatever you want to say lyically will be put into the song, the motto being 'nothing is considered too extreme...from Abortion to Zoophilia, we'll put it in there--it's yours!), 3) have a choice of track order, and/or 4) addition of any instrumental input of yours/

    After a given number of submissions (perhaps whatever comes in in 30 days) we'll be taking all mixes and putting them up for 'vote'/evaluation regarding song order, which tracks should be included, which are the best mixes (for those who give permission for their custom mixes to be included on the 'formal' release), and so on.

    In this way, we're hoping to blaze a new trail by having an interactive-type album; instead of buying something and maybe liking most of it or great parts, but putting up with mediocre songs, you can d/l the version of the album that you want--about as close to a 'perfect' album as you can get. We're trying to provide an *interactive* experience for you...even if you're not an 'artist' per se, you get input as to what sounds best to your ears, what lyric might be switched (for example, if it's a love song to John, and your lover's name is James, we can make that switch). In this way, we retain ultimate creative control over the final release, provide any audience with input to make the song 'theirs' in some way, whether it be something as simple as a choice of the better-sounding mix or as complex as adding yr own lyrics, poetry, or message to the music, perhaps even writing your own bass or vocal part.

    So...consider this an interactive release. You can download what's there immediately, have a good listen, request changes, and have trax re-issued to your satisfaction and/or with your custom input. In essence, you're purchasing the right to collaborate and request the album you've always wanted to hear but couldn't quite find. After final completion, we'll be asking an extra $5 or 5 pounds, and in total this should be around $7.50 (USA/Canada customers consider $ interchangable with pound; UK customers, read $ as pound sign). This is still around half of what most retail albums from the huge chain stores cost, and you've now got a say, or even creative input, into what you're purchasing. We think of it as an experiment, and at the same time a revolution of sorts. Just something super-interesting that will sound good and have a cool story behind it.

    Your initial personal cost will vary depending on what you want (and remember you do have the option of just buying the 'normal' version of the album at a price you name, and get the full song mixes as they exist when we provide you with the means to preview them and d/l or order), but basically the max would be $5 a song (unless you go totally nuts) for us to record new tracks and re-mix for you, (i.e., lyrical changes, custom lyrics and the like), and of course we modify that lower for a complete album purchase vs. altering only a single track; i.e., approx. $40 (or pounds) gets you complete input into the songs you'd like to change plus the existing full mixes. All pricing is negotiable depending on how minor or major you wanna get.

    Once X amount of downloads are reached, votes of all purchasers as well as general email voters (weighted accordingly) will be tabulated, the band will make the final decisions based on our creative aesthetics as well as your collective input, the final mixes will be made, and if you choose to make your mix 'public' (vs. a privately-done, downloaded and/or delivered CD), your track has a chance of being included on the actual final version of the album, with your writing credit adjusted to the level of your input, which means...yes, you'll have the chance to make your ends back (and then some, if the album does really well!).

    So...not to make it too complex...again, if you just want regular mixes, say so and I'll upload our versions just for you at the agreed price (which you will get to name; we'll increase the minimum asking price to approx. $4.50, and hope that you feel that our project is worth a few more pennies or even a couple of bucks/pounds); if you want something personalised, we add a couple dollars or pounds to the album, and if you want to make larger contributions requiring us to spend lots of time re-mixing to include your changes, it'll be a few buxx more due to increased level of effort (it's a labour of love...but still creative labour), so...not only is the price structure negotiable and unique, but so is the album content.

    We're hoping to facilitate a truly interactive experience; as deep as you wanna get, as nasty (or nice) as you wanna be, become almost another member of the band, or whatever your interests are, we're your (temporary) artistic slaves until the final album comes out. And no, it won't be a 'Franken-album'; we will oversee the process as a band and ensure cohesiveness, sound, and see to it that everything is properly done so it doesn't sound like either a jumble of unorganised sonic anarchism or a boring, bland, tailored-to-the-masses thing. We figure if we bounce it off of creative people who're searching for good music and alternatives to the mainstream shite that's out there, the end result of working with such individuals can only be qualitatively good, and certainly better than having someone dictate to you what you should listen, with not much choice in the matter, given the current top-down state of the music industry and its mentality. This is our attempt at furthering the democratization of music at a level which has never before been attempted. By including you in the creative process, but still having our own mixes, we hope to satisfy those who just want to hear us as a band and maybe dig our existing mixes, yet also provide at the minimum a way for people to optimise and customise what they're spending their hard-earned money to hear...and at the maximum, provide not only fellow artists but also people who want some personal phrasing or who have always wanted to hear their poetry put to music, or contribute a guitar solo or maybe a beat, something to re-mix or mash up, twist up, and totally bend to their will (while we retain a modicum of control over what's released under our name; we still want a Kroakers album...for those who want to take our songs as a whole and radically remix them or use as loops, or sample, that's a separate process and should be negotiated separately if you're a more 'professional' type who's looking for fresh sounds with which to work).

    Just email if you want in on the project, let us know what your desired level of involvement is, or if you wanna just be 'surprised' and discover something unique and different, that's cool too. The choice is yours, and collectively ours. No matter how you cut it, the price is right, and you're guaranteed something you at least like, if not something that'll be memorable and perhaps become your favourite album).

    All feedback and be heard

    . - Mic Morose of Kroakers. (and now back to Bandcamp's words:)

    **Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
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released April 20, 2013

Mic Morose - drums, drum machine, guitar (rhythm/lead), vocals, bass. keyboards, programming.

J. Skream - bass on Centrifuge, interlocking rhythm/lead guitar on Centrifuge, Hot Caballo, and Bandit. Founding member of band who has since departed.

Public and collective input credited upon future re-release of album.



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Track Name: You-the orderer!-and Mic Morose/The Kroakers - Gift - Custom Song - unique for you! One-of-a-kind!
yours or ours or a blend; send us what you have; if you want us to edit and improve, let us know, if you want them exactly as is, then we'll keep them as is. We will sing uncensored versions of anything - from anthropomorphism to zoophilia, nothing is too extreme! Consider this the same as you would a custom-made t-shirt or bumper sticker -- it can be lewd, politically-oriented, sexually expressive or explicit...the sky is the limit for you as an artist.
Track Name: Vicodin (Black Beauty pt. II)
Instrumental, but there are lyrics which I wrote and inspired this; I may add a whispered track to this if I can figure out where to insert...either way, I'll include lyrics here when time allows (don't remember off the top of my head...since it's an instrumental).